pd0-001 exam dumps

Number of questions: 85

Length of test: 90 minutes

Passing score: 675 on a scale of 100-900

Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese and German

Exam code: PD0-001

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389. A customer has recently moved the fax machine to a different location in the same building. They are not able to send or receive any documents. When the technician arrives at the location there is no dial tone on the line, but the customer can plug a phone into the same jack and place a telephone call. Which of the following is causing the problem?

A.The customer has a digital phone system and no analog line at the new location.

B.The customer has moved the machine to a location with no cellular service.

C.The customers long distance company is having problems.

D.The customers computer has a virus.

Answer: A



390. When performing a service call for an ADF jamming issue, why should the technician check the fuser rollers?

A.The ADF and fuser tend to jam at the same time.

B.The heat from the fuser makes the original wrinkle.

C.The fuser rollers feed the paper through the ADF.

D.To prevent a future service call.

Answer: D

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