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You have been asked to install an Avaya Aura® Contact Center High Availability (HA) solution for a customer who already has an existing AACC solution. You have installed the Standby server and entered all of the IP Address information in the HA configuration tool on the existing Primary AACC server.What is the next required step?

A. Install the Replication Server for database replication.

B. Run the High Availability tool on the Standby Server.

C. Perform a backup on the Primary server and execute a restore of the backup on the Standby server.

D. Reboot the Primary and Secondary Server so that they will synchronize.

Answer: C

After completing the Avaya Aura® Contact Center installation, you want to display the installation log.What is the path to the log?

A. D:AvayaLogsSysops

B. C:LogsSysops

C. D:AvayaLogsPVI

D. C:AvayaLogsSysops

Answer: A

A systems engineer has just completed a database maintenance backup. The engineer would like to verify the success of the backup.In which default location should the engineer look to determine the success of the backup?

A. C:Contact CenterLogsCommon ComponentsDBMaintenance.log

B. D:LogsCommon ComponentsDBMaintenance.log

C. D:Avaya AuraContact CenterLogsCommonComponentsCC_DBMaintenance.log

D. D:AvayaLogsCommon ComponentsCC_DBMaintenance

Answer: B

You have created a new application (script) in Orchestration Designer (OD).Which configuration steps in OD will allow you to place a test call to the new application?

A. Select Application Routes > CDNs > Configured Routes > Select Application > Save

B. Select Application > Routes > Add Application > Save

C. Select Call Router > Application Routes> CDNs > Configured Routes > Add > Select Application > Save

D. Select CDNs > Add Application > Save

Answer: B

When performing a database restore, Avaya Aura® Contact Center (AACC) services must be shut-down before starting the restore.How are these services shut-down?

A. Use the Stop Shadowing command on the SMMC System Tray to manually shut-down the services.

B. Use the System Control and Monitor utility to manually shut-down the services.

C. The database utility performs the shut-down automatically.

D. Use the Windows Services utility to manually shut-down the services.

Answer: A

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