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Knowledge Points

Network Security

1.Basic concept of network security and basic functions and principles of firewall

2.Firewall NAT technology and anti-attack techniques

3.Dual-node cluster hot backup technique of firewall

4.Knowledge and networking application of Eudemon firewalls of Huawei

High Availability(HA)

1.Bidirectional Forwarding Detection(BFD) principles

2.Basic principles of VRRP,IP Reroute,FRR

3.Principles and networking applications of NSF and GR


1.IP QoS model and differentiated services(DiffServ) model

2.Basic principles of classification and marking, traffic policing and shaping, congestion management, congestion avoidance, and link efficiency mechanisms

3.Class-based QoS principles

All the questions in our full version are highly covered in your real exam. You will know it clearly when you take your exam.

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