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Share some HCDA H12-211-ENU exam questions and answers below.
As shown, the administrator is configured with the following command on the RTA, which of the following description is true? ( ) (Multiple choice)

[RTA-Serial0/0/1] rip output

[RTA-rip-1] silent-interface s0/0/1

A. RTA will still be able to learn RTB advertised routing information

B. RTB will still be able to learn RTA advertised routing information

C. RTA neighbor information does not include the RTB

D. RTB neighbor information does not include the RTA

Answer: AD

ALC will not filter equipment itself generated traffic which access to other devices; only filter forward traffic, in the forwarding traffic includes traffic which other devices access the device.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

The network administrator in a network to capture a data frame to the destination MAC address is 01-00-5E-A0-B1-C3.

Which statement of the Mac address is correct ( )

A. It is a unicast MAC address

B. It is a broadcast MAC address

C. It is a multicast MAC address

D. It is an illegal MAC address

Answer: C

A company to apply for a Class C IP addresses, but to be assigned to six subsidiary companies, one of the largest subsidiaries have 26 computers. Different subsidiary must be in different network segment, the subnet mask should be set to ( ).





Answer: D

<Huawei>display startup


Startup system software: sd1:


Next startup system software: sd1:


Backup system software for next

startup: null

Startup saved-configuration file:


Next startup saved-configuration

file: null

Startup license file: null

Next startup license file: null

Startup patch package: null

Next startup patch package: null

Startup voice-files: null

Next startup voice-files: null

The above is the AR2200 router’s display startup information, about this information, which statement is wrong?

A. the running configuration file is not saved

B. in this startup, the system file that the equipment used is ar2220-v200r003c00spc200.cc

C. the system files cannot be modified when the equipment in the next startup

D. the system files can use the named "startup system software<startup-software-name>, cc" to modify during the equipment next startup

Answer: C

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